"Crazy 15" 2012

 Final Update for 2012.

So here we are on the last day of the year.  I'm looking at my list and you know what?  I actually feel pretty good.  In fact, I feel like I achieved something huge.  I finished 10 of the 15 I started and had a whole lot of fun on the journey.  When I set out, I didn't think I'd get through half of them.  It was an opportunity to start a pile of pieces that I love but had never got 'round to starting.  The fact that 10 of them are now done?!?!?  Well WOOO HOOO!!!

If you're interested in the list I have for 2013, you'll find it *here*

The links lead to each finished piece.
  • Here Comes Treble - Ink Circles completed
  • First Bass - Ink Circles completed
  • Alto Gether Now - Ink Circles completed
  • Imagine - Joan Elliott completed
  • Dream - Joan Elliott completed
  • Hope - Joan Elliott completed
  • Believe - Joan Elliott completed
  • Celtic Christmas - Lavender and Lace
  • Lily - Nora Corbett completed
  • Holly and Ivy - Shepherd's Bush completed
  • Train of Dreams - Randall Spangler
  • Christmas Elf Fairy - Mirabilia completed
  • Garden Alphabet Afghan - Ellen Maurer-Stroh  letter A completed
  • Woodland Enchantress - Ruth Sanderson/Dimensions Gold
  • O Holy Night - Stoney Creek


  1. You have a gorgeous list! I'm under no illusion that I'll finish mine (likely not even half of mine), but just getting them going will be wonderful. Some of the ones I have on my list have been fully kitted for over a year - I just bogged myself down in round robin stitching so I couldn't start them (whoops!).

  2. Measi, I've been so tempted this year to join a Mira RR but I'm bad with deadlines and the prohibitive cost of mailing from Australia have prevented me! Chances are these will become a main focus of my 2013 WIPocalypse, LOL.