Monday, 29 August 2011

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

...and that has to include birthday presents one gives oneself!

*insert happy dance of the birthday kind*

Ok, my birthday was back at the end of July but I figured the most sensible thing to do with the money in my account was to pay things like power/gas bills, rent, kid's school fees - you know, all those grown up things.  Blah.

I sat here and watched the exchange rate rocket to an amazing high and debated over the contents of my 123 shopping cart.  I filled it, chucked it all out again... "Do I?  Don't I?  Should I?"  Well, once I'd been the grown up of the household and paid the bills, the answer appeared to be "Why the heck shouldn't I???"

So, without further ado; Grab your drool cloth, settle back.  Here are the good things that came to me after an extra month of waiting:

Bits and pieces; beads, new needle threaders, a pair of scissors for hardanger, Caron Watercolours - burnt toast and flame - for L&L Autumn Angel and tape to attach my fabric to my scroll rods...

PhotobucketKreinik #4 braids that I forgot to add to the last picture, lol. Silver HL and Citron.


A selection of fabric for various projects - the top one on the left is an opalescent lugana, 32ct, I plan on teaming with the Ruby Wine on the right, also a 32ct lugana, for a Christmas project... There's an antique white 28ct lugana which I was planning on using for the advent calendar but now it's here, I'm not so sure. A 25ct jobelan that will be for Train of Dreams at New Year and a piece of black belfast ready for my conversion of Celtic Christmas.

Charts... Oh how I love new patterns. I've been waiting on these for what seems forever! *big cheesy grin* Celtic Christmas, Winter and Spring and Passione Ricamo, Once Upon a Time. At the last minute I decided I wanted Lizzie Kate's kit for "ABC's of Parenting." I've just recently discovered a love for Lizzie Kate. I'm going to buy myself the Christmas ABC as a Chrissy Pressie in December - shh, don't tell Guy! LOL.


PhotobucketFinally... I had a bit of a play around with fabric for the ABC - I found this on my last trip to the (not so local) LNS - you know, the one that tends to bring on a bad attack of basketitis... it's apparently a stamped fabric. 28ct Cashel. I like it a lot. It'll be my first "fancy fabric". Here's my floss toss - I LOVE the Crescent Colours combination. The fabric is nice and light. I don't think anything will be lost on it...     Opinions?

I almost spent some money in the Polstitches sale this weekend. I have to admit I chickened out a the last minute. I really wanted to buy some fabric but I know I've got so much lined up already and I couldn't make a decision... *sigh*

Well, night night everyone. I've just finished watching the F1 race at Spa - Woo Hoo! Another Red Bull 1-2, just a shame it wasn't MW at the top of the podium. I've got to get some sleep though - the MotoGP is on in another three hours or so and it's already after midnight.

See you in the morning :)

Happy Stitching



Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Belated IHSW Update

Whoops, forgot to post the weekend's photos!

Spent several hours on the mystery scissor fob and case exchange piece.  Almost done and only another couple of weeks until I can show and tell!  Yay!!!

Also managed to get more done on the advent pieces - only one to go and I made a start on that at work today - woo hoo!  I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

PhotobucketHere they are, two more pieces:  Even got the backstitching done...  Loving the fact I get a mini happy dance after each one.

I'm thinking tonight (once the kids are in bed) I'll indulge myself - Fast Five was released on DVD today, so cross stitch and fast cars.  What more could a girl ask for on a Wednesday night.  LOL.  I might even get the scissor case finished...

Happy Stitching Everyone.  I'm off to explore all the blogs of this months IHSW participants...

Ooo - and a big "Hi and Welcome" to my new followers!  I've just realised we're up to 42!  Wow!  Thank you all so much for following along with my stitching journey.  If you have blogs of your own and I'm not one of your followers, please post a link and I'll hop on over for a visit.

See you in the Blogosphere!

xxx K

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Found it!

My mojo, I mean!

I've been stitching every night on the scissor case - it must be finished and ready to post in less than a month.  Can't show a photo of that yet, although I really, really want to!

PhotobucketBUT I can show you  photo of what I've managed to achieve in between students on days I'm at school...  I'm pretty happy with these little pieces. Backstitched in the last couple of days.  This was yesterday...

Now today...


Photobucket...and with only three to go of the 25...

By the way... it's IHSW again - yes, already! So get yourself over to Random Ramblings and sign up.

Happy stitching everyone.

x K

Friday, 12 August 2011

Anyone for a Stitch-Along?

If you're keen, then you need to pop over to the new yuku board run by Mel.

There's a SAL to suit everyone...

PhotobucketI'm going to join in the Mira/Nora sal in the middle of the month 'cause I've got to get the L finished for Lily - her birthday was back in May after all. *hanging head in shame* I'm such a bad Mama.

...and the HAED sal at the end of the month.

3000 Stitches 13/04/11 I really do need to get at least page one of Queenie finished! At the rate I'm going it'll be Guy's 75th birthday present! ... LOL, at least that gives me 30 years to finish I suppose!

So, run on over to Love 4 Stitching and find a SAL to suit you!

See you there!

xxx K

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Got a Little Stitchy!

PhotobucketPicked up my needle and put in a few stitches - Yay!

One cute wee angel, just needs a little backstitch...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lost.. If found, Please Return... Kirstin.

One stitchy mojo.


I've put it down somewhere and I just can't remember where I left it...

A bit like my car keys or my wallet or, occasionally, the Lilybug's glasses - she's a monkey for taking them off and then forgetting where she put 'em.

So, if anyone knows where I've left my mojo, please let me know...

I think it was the frog infestation a couple of weeks back.  I hate frogging.  I almost never do it.

I'd really like to start something new but if I do that, I know I'll never finish my other WIP's.

So, I'll just keep looking.  That mojo's got to be around here somewhere... maybe under the cushions on the couch with a couple of stray needles...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another Giveaway and a Half Dozen Stitches...

Head over to Nicola's "Stitch Works" blog, this time and see the lovely bits and pieces she's got for her giveaway!

Oh yeah - the half dozen stitches?  Actually, it's nearer a whole dozen and that was about it!  LOL.  Started one of the last pieces for my advent calendar.  I'll show you a photo when I get five spare minutes tomorrow - I might even get to put in another few stitches!

Work is crazy busy but hey, it's paying the bills - gotta be happy with that.