Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Got a Little Stitchy!

PhotobucketPicked up my needle and put in a few stitches - Yay!

One cute wee angel, just needs a little backstitch...


  1. You have found the stitchy mojo I have lost! xx

  2. I managed to grab a little mojo by the tail as it tried to sneak out the door Nicola :)

    Maybe tonight I'll achieve something significant. One of the very few tv shows I watch is on tonight - it's on late, so perhaps I'll fill in the time before hand with a little stitching...

    Good luck finding your mojo - mine's been in hiding for a good couple of weeks :(

  3. She's just too cute. Glad you're stitching!!

  4. All you need is to stitch a few stitches on a cute project like this and your mojo returns full force!!

  5. YAY on your mojo returning. :D Little angel is darling. :D