Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Another Giveaway and a Half Dozen Stitches...

Head over to Nicola's "Stitch Works" blog, this time and see the lovely bits and pieces she's got for her giveaway!

Oh yeah - the half dozen stitches?  Actually, it's nearer a whole dozen and that was about it!  LOL.  Started one of the last pieces for my advent calendar.  I'll show you a photo when I get five spare minutes tomorrow - I might even get to put in another few stitches!

Work is crazy busy but hey, it's paying the bills - gotta be happy with that.


  1. Good of you to post Nicola's giveaway too. I posted it also. Can't wait to see your few stitches! And just think... If you do less in the very beginning, you'll see more progress later! After all, you'll have more to do when work slows down, and you'll really get to enjoy it then!

  2. So true Julie - The good thing bout stitching the advent calendar bits, is they're only small, maybe 250 stitches, so a couple of dozen stitches really does look like something!

    Work ended up being nuts, started at 6:45am and finished at 7pm... tired me.

  3. Oh, which Advent calendar is it? I had EMS's AC on a disk with my chat, but somehow I erased the disc, and I have no idea how. It's just mysteriously blank. Luckily, I have the last parts of my chat on the hard drive. But I have no idea what happened to all the charts that were on that disc...

  4. Julie, it's the Dimensions calendar - very cute. I've had the kit for several years and pull it out now and then to do a few chracters on it. I'd really like to get it done for this Christmas though... it's #5 in my 2011 WIPs tab at the top of the blog page... I've done another couple of pieces since that photo though - I'll post an update at the weekend... or at least I'll try!

  5. It IS really cute. I like it! I may have to check that out, someday. As if I need another chart, lol.