Sunday, 24 July 2011

Not a Stitch in Sight... but the Smell of Fuel is in the Air!

I don't believe it, I haven't put a single stitch in this week!  Where on earth did the last week go???

Meh, Truth be told, I went back to work this week and the kids are back at school after two weeks off for the July/Winter school holidays... I get heaps of stitching done in the holidays and have plenty of time for blog updates but once we get back into it, time doesn't just fly, it hurtles by!  Such is the life of a full time Mama/Teacher.

Tonight, I'll put in a few stitches whilst indulging in my other passion - motor racing!  Yes, yes, strange I know but I love fast cars and racing bikes... This weekend is a big one too - The Formula 1 is on late tonight and the MotoGP is on early tomorrow morning.  There's an Aussie; Mark Webber for Red Bull Racing, on Pole for the F1 and another Aussie; Casey Stoner, for Repsol Honda, is fighting to defend his lead in the world championship in the MotoGP.  All this and the end of the Tour de France (no motors involved there of course) tonight too - An Aussie proudly wearing the yellow jumper into Paris carrying the pride of an entire nation with him.

We were up late last night watching the qualifiers for the F1, up early this morning for the GP quali's... Love it!

Before I go any further, I'll make it clear I am not an Australian.  I live here - have done for over a third of my life now, I have Aussie blood in my veins and a genuine transported convict in the family tree but I am not an Australian.  It is important to make the distinction that I am a New Zealander.  Born and bread, a proud Kiwi, a One-Eyed-Cantabrian.  My heart and soul are in Christchurch with my family but for what it's worth, I've fallen in love with this country and that also spills over to its' sports, as long as there are no Kiwi's involved!  LOL...

So tonight,  while I'm yelling my head off for the Aussies, I'll try to rev up the stitching mojo!  I've just signed up for the Christmas exchange, so I've got to get the scissor case finished for the current exchange!

Right, I'm off, I've got to head out for rehearsal in a bit, we've got a gig Wednesday night - got to be on time so I get home in time for the racing!


  1. Hope you get your stitchy mojo fired up AND enjoy the racing and gig.

  2. I can't claim to be a fan, but my other half is a huge F1 fan, I love the fact that that you're in Australia and he is in the living room and you're both watching the same thing :) while he is off doing that, it gives me some blog catch up time :)

  3. Well, no stitching, the F1 race demanded full attention. Tonight though, no races and the Tour de France is over - time to hit the needle :)

    Hannah, It is cool that we can be poles apart and still watching the same thing, the wonders of modern technology :D Who's your OH's favorite driver/team?

  4. Got to be the MacLaren boys although he is pretty disappointed with Lewis this season (attitude wise) and Jenson's general bad luck In the last couple of races. Me, I definitely prefer Jenson :)

  5. Hannah, I think young Mr Hamilton needs a swift kick in the pants. His flagrant disregard for the safety of others is frightening. JB is definitely my preferred MacLaren driver.

  6. I don't watch that much F1 anymore, I basically stick with NASCAR on Sunday. I can get a lot of stitching done in 3 or 4 hours of racing. I have to admit I usually stay on the Driver Channel, where the spotter talks to them the whole time instead of watching the regular broadcasting. It is a little more colorful, lol.