Tuesday, 19 July 2011

HAED "30% Off" Sale, Ends at Midnight!

*Looking furtively over my shoulder*

Don't tell anyone but I just bought myself an early birthday present.

Train of Dreams by Randal Spangler for Heaven and Earth Designs.  It's WAY smaller than Queenie - Like 307 000 stitches less... only 10 000 odd stitches instead of 317 500.  I think I'll be able to knock it off over the course of next year.

Jacob wants me to stitch this one for him so it's on my 12 in 2012 list... which reminds me, I must update my 11 in 11 list...

The 11 in 11 have expanded somewhat, so the list is now more like 15 in 2011 but I'm doing ok with actually getting some finishes under my belt.  I had intended this year to be the "year of the finished UFO's/WIP's" and to a point, I'm achieving that goal.  I wasn't supposed to start anything new (except Queenie) but then I hadn't planned on joining three exchanges, finding the perfect sampler for Mum or discovering a new friend and being invited to her three year old's birthday party!

LOL, now come on, don't tell me you don't know exactly what I'm talking about!

I have come to the conclusion though, that at heart, I really am a OAAT girl.  The idea of a rotation works perfectly in my head but in reality, I only manage to work on one at a time.  I had to get the cube finished before I could get anything else going and now I'm on the fob and scissor case, I have no desire to pick up anything else.  (I desperately want to post photos of the above, because I'm very proud of my efforts so far but as some of you, dear readers, are also involved in said exchange, I don't want to give the game away!)

Anyways... if any of you are hankering after a particular HAED, I suggest you pop off and take advantage of the 30% off - it ends at midnight tonight (July 18) - go on, do it!  I know you want to!

Just don't tell anyone I told you!





  1. Noooo! Just told Michele via FB that she HAS to stop having sales! I am too tempted!! xx

  2. Now, all I banned was any BAP which weren't on the original 11. Which is just as well cos I've stitched 40 things so far of hich only 2 were on the 11!
    And part-works don't count as BAPs even if they are big because they are a collection of smalls:-ps Happy early birthday.

  3. Cute chart!! Gonna enjoy seeing that one take shape. :)

    LOL!! Yeah, I'm like you, pretty much an OAATer with all the rotating and planning taking place in my head. I do occasionally take a break in the midst of a BAP to stitch something fast, though.... sorta a detour. LOL!

    Happy Be-Earlier Birthday!!

  4. Your new purchase is so colorful and pretty! I am still fighting temptation, but I may have to break down and purchase one!

  5. phew I read this after midnight ..lol I've just started afternoon tea over one .. not too sure whether I will have to swap to over two as I am not happy with how the stitches are looking.... and I've got oodles on the go just keep having a go on each which ever calls to me the loudest that day ;) love mouse xxx

  6. I bought several charts at the sale. They keep having them, and I just can't resist. Thanks for the info though!! I love a good sale. Train of Dreams is a great piece. Can't wait to see you start it!!

  7. Well I managed to resist the temptation I'm forcing myself not to buy more charts until I finished some, otherwise it will be even more tempting to start even more projects :)

  8. Hi Kirsten! Thank you for following my blog (Bits and Bobbins) I just found your comment and have replied over there.
    Love your blog, its just brill and you sound so like me with your UFO's - haha - I was meaning to finish all of mine this year also but now I have started Tiger Pool, not sure if I can see it happening! Eek!
    Looking forward to chatting with you - and seeing your stitching progress too!
    Love Danielle

  9. Hi Kirsten thanks for following me! I'm not a huge HAED fan but i've seen a few people stitching this one up and it's great - I love colourful things!

    I'm pretty much a OOATer too, I like to get things finished and if I have too much going on I never finish anything :)