Saturday, 9 July 2011

It's SWAT Time...

SWAT? What's a SWAT? I hear you ask.

Every few months, the crew over at the cross stitch forum have an intensive, week long, stitch-a-thon, therefore, we have dubbed it a "Stitch-Week-A-Thon."   The aim of the SWAT is to stitch as much as you can every day for a whole week.  You might only have time for a half-dozen stitches but as we all know, every stitch counts!  The Saturday at either end of the SWAT week is included as a whole day SAT (stitch-a-thon).  If you are super keen or have plenty of time up your sleeve, you can SAT on both Saturdays.

It's lots of fun, we often have lurkers who come out of the woodwork to join us for the week.  There are always plenty of photo updates posted - drool cloths are essential.

So, on behalf of all the stitchers at, please come join us - we'd love to have you!  Everyone is super friendly.  We love to chat - and not just about cross stitch. There are plenty of experienced stitchers always ready to help out or give advice and just as many not so experience stitchers.  Everyone is welcome, no piece of stitching to big or too small and no question is ever "too silly."

Oh, and while your there, check out our Forum Guide, Connie's, page.  There are plenty of freebie charts, photos, advice and blog entries for the addicts we all are!

I'm planning on finishing Zach's cube in the first part of the week.

PhotobucketHere's my starting point:

So do drop by, come and say "Hi", we'd love to see you!

xxx K

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  1. These are all so cute Kirstin. Wish I could join the SWAT... by the way, you've got lovely goodies on your previous post.

    Take care dear :-)