Friday, 12 August 2011

Anyone for a Stitch-Along?

If you're keen, then you need to pop over to the new yuku board run by Mel.

There's a SAL to suit everyone...

PhotobucketI'm going to join in the Mira/Nora sal in the middle of the month 'cause I've got to get the L finished for Lily - her birthday was back in May after all. *hanging head in shame* I'm such a bad Mama.

...and the HAED sal at the end of the month.

3000 Stitches 13/04/11 I really do need to get at least page one of Queenie finished! At the rate I'm going it'll be Guy's 75th birthday present! ... LOL, at least that gives me 30 years to finish I suppose!

So, run on over to Love 4 Stitching and find a SAL to suit you!

See you there!

xxx K


  1. I wish I could join Kirstin, but right now, with my schedule, it's impossible. So I will just watch for your updates.

    By the way, have you heard from Bobbie (bobbiejess)? Because I haven't heard from her for more than a month or two (I guess) and I was wondering what happened to her.

    Hugs to you my friend! :-)

  2. I believe Bobbie is crazy busy with puppies :) We haven't seen her at About for a while either and are missing her very much. She'll be back when time allows, I'm sure.

  3. hey Kirstin - I'm on the stichalong, see you there! I'm going to be doing Mirabilia and Chatelaine.

    L is looking great, you'll get there soon.

    Take care, Hannah xx

  4. A very pretty L and I love seeing the progress of other stitchers' HAED's.
    Thank you for visiting my blog:)

  5. Lovely works there, Kirsten. I can't wait to watch your progress!!!

  6. Don't worry, Kristin. Lily will have another b'day next year. ;) It's looking great, so is your HAED. :D

  7. Looking forward to your L progress! I have thought about stitching me a L instead of a M. I think the L is a lot prettier!

  8. I am stitching queen of hearts too! It is a beautiful design and you have made a fantastic start :)