Thursday, 24 November 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy-Jig.


Finally, five minutes to sit down and make a blog post :)

The kids and I had a fabulous time in New Zealand.  Spending time with my parents, my sister and my nephews was wonderful.

Now, before I get sidetracked, I need to say a big thank you to Sharine.  She drew my name as the winner for her 123stitch voucher giveaway!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have a 123 shopping cart filled with the floss I need for the January "Crazy 15" so it will be going towards that.  Yaaaaay!!!

Now, being on holiday and having nothing that I had to do, meant I was able to get a wee bit of stitching done!  I took the L*K ABC with me and managed to stitch a little on the plane, quite a bit over several evenings and one morning, when Lily decided it was a good idea to be up at 6am, I got a fair bit more done then too. 
Before Trip

After Trip

Yes, I did stitch on the plane.  Yes, I was allowed my embroidery scissors and No, customs officers have no idea what a needle threader is.  LOL.  They stopped me to search my bag, not for scissors but for this:


Jacob and Lily were absolute angels at the airport and on the plane, both directions.  I'm so proud of them.

Have just realised I missed IHSW this month but I did get a satisfactory amount of stitching done anyway.  I'll endeavor to catch up on all your blogs over the next few days.




  1. Welcome back, Kirstin!!! ABC looks awesome, you got so much done. :D

  2. Thanks Joyce :D It's good to be home even though it's hard to say goodbye to family.

  3. Good to hear that you had a great time and don't you love the 6am wake ups?

  4. ooo well done on the progress ... glad you had a fab time even with the early calls :) love mouse xxx

  5. welcome back home, so glad that you all had a lovely time with your family..
    great progress on your stitching..
    love for you xx