Friday, 3 February 2012

So this is Summer?

Ummm... yeah, right. Not.

For some reason, Summer appears to have almost completely bypassed Sydney.  It's February.  The children all went back to school this week after our supposed Summer Holidays.  Typically, Tuesday, the day most started school, it was a scorching 34 degrees Celcius (that's 93.2 F) but now here we are on Friday, it's only 17 degrees  (62.6F) and it's pouring with rain. There are severe floods in the north of the state and even here on the coast we are getting rather soggy.

I'm still keeping up with my stitching.  I haven't done anywhere near as much but there has been at least a few stitches each day.  I'm currently working on my Mira Christmas Elf Fairy, which was my #4 Crazy start.  Not much to show as I'm working on her wings and it's just an endless sea of white...

The past eight nights we have watched our way through the entire Harry Potter series.  Of course we had seen them all before but thought it might be fun to watch them all back to back.  We did and it was.  Even picked up on a few little things we'd missed on prior occasions.  If you're a HP fan and you've never done the marathon, it's worth it.

I hope you are all well, I'm so far behind on everyone's blogs!



  1. i love watching harry potter too..
    have a lovely weeekend xx

  2. we did a pirates of the carribean marathon at new years. love HP too! Funny weather here in the us as well. winter time here and its very mild...very few cold days at all...maybe winter will skip us completely!!

  3. Hope the weather dries up soon. I've done LotR marathon and hubby made me watch Star Wars back to back when we were dating...

  4. we always said that once the kids went back after the summer hols it would be glorious weather ... nearly always the case ... and yup am a HP fan and have done almost a full marathon love mouse xxxx

  5. Funny winter hasn't made here, it unseasonably warm here. O.O

  6. Here it is really winter now. There is snow and ice skating. And everybody is happy (except for those who have to go somewhere by car)