Monday, 20 February 2012


Ummm... ok, so I think I stitched myself out over December and January.  I've done nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.  The mojo has left the building.  I sat on the couch next to my stitching and didn't even open the bag.  I did take said stitching to work on Friday, I did open the bag.  But I realised upon opening the bag that it didn't contain my hoop.  Can't stitch this one without my hoop.  D'oh!

Ah well.

I must confess that although I haven't been stitching, I have still managed to add to my stash! 

My name is Kirstin and I am an addict.  A cross stitch addict.  It's been 18 hours since my last purchase...
I finally, finally made a decision on a piece of fabric for Winter White Santa (Mirabilia) - so I have made my very first Polstitches purchase.  It's a 32ct Opal Belfast - Blue Moon. 

I bought the Evening in the Park PDF - but I think I might have told you that already.

I visited my favourite (Not So Local) LNS - they who have The Basket and I once again just had to have the contents of said basket. I got a heap of Mill Hill charms for 50c each - I think 11 different packets. That's a fortune's worth in Aussie Dollars for just $5.50! I also ended up with a couple of Little House Needleworks charts that had been reduced to $2 each - can't leave those just sitting there feeling lonely and rejected...and whoops - a couple, well three, actually, Shepherd's Bush charts just kind of fell into my hands too... I have to confess they were not in The Basket.

Oh, and I stopped off at my other (NSL) LNS and picked up two pieces of fabric - This (NSL) LNS don't have a "Basket" so I have to be very well behaved when I visit.  I bought a little piece of 32ct lambswool linen and a piece of ...oh no!  The name has escaped me.... aargh!  Brain fart!  Um... it's ... oh help, I'll go grab it...    .... *phew* it's 28ct "Sambuca".

I now have two largish pieces of this Sambuca stuff.  I've got lots of ideas but so far none of the charts I've had "a-ha!" moments for have actually fit the squares.  They are 47 x 47 if you stitch over 2 and 94 x 94 stitching over 1.  Everything is either too big or too small!

I'm going to stalk all your IHSW posts tonight.  I'll use this as an excuse for not stitching myself and just keep my fingers crossed that you can all motivate me to kick start my mojo :)

Ooo, and as a little Off Topic snippet, I just got back from visiting the Harry Potter Exhibiton which is currently in Sydney.  It's moving along in three weeks or so but DH and I had a very rare morning off together and decided to go.  It was fabulous.  If you're a Harry Potter fan and you get the opportunity to go - DO!

Right, back to work now, there's no rest for the wicked.  Seven music lessons to teach back to back this afternoon.

Happy stitching everyone!



  1. Oooo, stash acquisition! :) You may not have stitched (I stitched for you BTW... no worries), but you got stash!! That's a good thing, Kirstin. And besides, how can you be expected to stitch when your hands are full of fabric, patterns and charms? lol

  2. wowwwwww stash..yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    big hugs and have fun xx

  3. adding stash is a great way to get the mojo back! Have fun! :)

  4. Glad to hear you at least thought about stitching....Yea for more stash...there is no LNS or NSLLNS near me so my stash comes from the internet...not sure which is more dangerous.....hope your stitching mojo comes back soon!

    1. The majority of my stash comes from 123stitch Dana. The prices of everything here in Australia are generally just too high for my pocket... it's a shame, 'cause I'd like to support the LNS but I'd never be able to afford half the things I want to stitch if I bought them anywhere but on line...

  5. yeah I love 123stitch :)

    Sounds like wonderful stash :)

  6. LOL!! Well adding stash is kinda part of the stitching process. ;)