Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Is...

I got itchy fingers a few weeks back.  Even with a bazillion WiP's to choose from, I still wanted to do something new.  I figured if I started something little, then at least I'd get it finished and it would be enough to satisfy those itchy fingers.

I ended up pulling Lizzie*Kate's "Christmas Is..." out of my stash, hunting up some suitable thread from the stash to substitute for the Weeks Dye Works that is charted - I've never yet bought any WDW.  Don't know why.  I'm sure I'll get around to remedying that this coming year *wink*

It was a super quick and easy stitch.  Loving the Crescent Colours I used - They're a little brighter than the original charted colours. Stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen by Permin.



  1. Small designs make a stitcher feel productive. I have done too many smalls this year though, but at least I feel like I accomplished things. It looks very pretty and I like the colour substitutions.

  2. Beautiful finish. Congrats.
    And you're so right. If you feel like stitching something new, then just do so. It's a hobby after all and fun should be quite important. And I love your choice. Gorgeous design

  3. You stitched that up quickly! Beautiful!

  4. congrats on a cute and fast finish!!! :)

  5. Beautiful finish. I love the sentiment, it made me smile on a really bad day.

  6. This is a lovely little seasonal finish. It's nice to have you blogging again too!