Sunday, 16 December 2012

Time Flies...

...when you're having fun - and also when you're so ridiculously busy that you don't have time for the fun stuff!

I cannot believe it's this close to Christmas.  I also cannot believe I kept my blog for a whole year, hit my first blogoversary and then promptly disappeared from the blogosphere!

For those of you who have stayed on my list of followers, thank you! 

I've had a very, very busy year and although my opening sentence was a whinge about no time for fun stuff, there actually has been some very cool fun stuff in among the exhausting work schedule.

You all know I joined the Crazy January 15 challenge.  Well, I've managed a few finishes. Seven actually.  I'll finish the eighth tonight.  So there'll be a happy dance here around midnight.

(I will post photo's, promise.  Just thought I'd get something at least on the blog before we see December out.)

I joined the WiPocalypse and although I haven't managed to make the required posts, I have managed to stitch on all of my WiPs at some point during the year.

So - the fun stuff... well, aside from stitchy fun (eg the aquisition of OoP Mira TTAS) I got to go home to New Zealand for a week, my sister came over from NZ to visit us in Sydney and we had a family trip to Melbourne to go to the Phillip Island MotoGP.

Ok... so, photos...

These are the seven finishes of the fifteen starts.

First Bass, Ink Circles "First Bass". 32ct antique white lugana. Crescent Colours overdyed cotton floss.  First finish of the Crazy January Challenge, aka Crazy 15, 2012. Jan 21 2012.
Ink Circles
"First Bass"
Alto Gether Now
Ink Circles
"Alto Gether Now"
Here Comes Treble
Ink Circles
"Here Comes Treble"
Joan Elliott
Dream Finished
Joan Elliott
Lilly- Pixie Couture
Nora Corbett
"Lilly Pixie"
Christmas Elf Fairy
"Christmas Elf Fairy"


  1. beautiful stitching Kirstin, I love the Christmas Elf Fairy, very festive.

  2. Even though you haven't been blogging, it looks like you've had good results! Everything looks fantastic, I especially love your fairies.

  3. Way to go on the finishes. Looking good!