Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another Give Away... and a Quick Update.

Not mine, sadly...

but Kay, at Kay's Random World is having a lovely Lizzie Kate Christmas Give Away...

Haven't stitched much this week but put in a couple of hours last night on Dad's piece.  Did some backstitching on the weeds - the chart asked for Grey 3799 for backstitch.  I started, didn't like it at all.  Pulled it out and went rummaging for a dark green instead.  Much better.  They grey will probably be fine on the fishies themselves, it just didn't look right on the plants.

Still waiting on the Kreinik #4's to arrive so I can fill in the gaps...



  1. Thank you very much! Always a danger when it's a close up photo, LOL...

  2. Thank you :)

    I'll finish the rest of the DMC stitches tonight and cross my fingers that the Kreiniks arrive in the post tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Blu - still no krieniks though... I'm getting twitchy!