Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stoooopid Mistake!

We all make them, I know.

But this one was just plain dumb.

Was sailing along backstitching.  So easy.  Just straight lines...  except I forgot I had to leave a gap in the top left corner for the holly leaves.  Ok, easy mistake...  except I made the exact same mistake on the other side, only last night!  Then, to compound my stupidity, I decided to trim a messy tail and managed to cut the line of backstitch that I'd just fixed.  D'oh! *smacks forehead with palm*

Ahh well, lesson learned... pay attention to my chart and pay close attention to what you're snipping!

I cut out a couple of the little plastic canvas pieces and pinned them in place to get an idea of how it will look...


So tell me... What's the silliest mistake you've made with your stitching?  I've made way worse mistakes than this but I like to hear about the silly mistakes, not the "I'm going to cry" horrific stitching mistakes - we can save those for another night :)

Go on - 'fess up!  Let's hear the silly stories... Please... *insert best puppy dog pleading eyes*



  1. ooo dear .. glad you got it sorted and mmmm "don't make mistakes " as such I fudge if necessary ..lol.. love mouse xxxx

  2. I do things like forget a stitch of a color all the time, but I just fill it in with the other color that's next to it unless it's a geometric pattern or something else where it will be obvious. :p I also have fits when I get knots in my thread and there's a lot of dramatic huffing as I try to fix it!

  3. Silly mistakes, hmmm... it usually happens when I'm stitching boring blocks of color, not pay attention, have to frog cos I couldn't fudge. LOL!

  4. d'oh I'm not sure what counts as my silliest mistake maybe choosing a 9 page pattern as my first project because it couldn't take that long to do right;-)

  5. LOL, Sharine - 9 pages, pfft...nothin' to it :D

    That's like me, on setting forth on my first HAED - it's alright. I just have to do 150 stitches each day and it'll be finished in time for my husbands 50th birthday... in five years. Right. Now we're on track for, let's see... his.... oh... 80th birthday, perhaps.