Saturday, 22 October 2011


Sorry gang, I've been AWOL since the IHSW.

First of all:  A huge WELCOME to my new followers.  It was lovely to check in and see new names and faces!

Second - My excuses:  I've spent the week nursing my cat, Fred.  Just under two weeks ago, he disappeared for a couple of days.  When he turned up, he could barely walk.  A few days, x-rays and surgery later, I have a puddy-tat with two broken front paws.

*Insert Sad Face Here*

Poor Freddy... All his Metatarsals had been fractured and badly displaced.  I was horrified when I saw the x-rays.  In fact, the Vet was so horrified, that she ended up taking x-rays of his entire body!  We've got no idea what happened but the most likely scenario seems to be someone stomping on his front paws... 

So, he's had surgery.  The bones have all been set and pinned.  He's stitched, splinted and bandaged and confined to our shower cubicle for the next six weeks.  He's got a cone collar on to stop him ripping off the splints - one of which he managed to get off within an hour of coming home from the Vet.  Off we trotted to the All Night Emergency Vet... yeah, yeah, just add it to the bill *gulp*

All this for a cat...


There's been a little stitching going on but nothing worth showing. I'm hoping to put in a bit of time tonight and tomorrow night. Of course, I'm yet to stalk all the post-IHSW blogs, so I may not stitch after all!

If you're of a praying mind, would you send up a few for my Freddy? For a speedy, clean, full recovery? He's not ten yet. Still got a good seven or eight years left at least!



  1. Oh no, how could someone be so cruel? I'm definitely sending prayers and healing thoughts his way and yours, Kirstin. ((Freddy))

  2. awww bless his cotton socks ((((HUGE HUGS)))) being sent to you all love mouse xxxx

  3. Thank you, Di and Mouse.

    Just gave him his night time meds and his dinner. Took the horrid cone collar off so he could eat comfortably and gave him a big scratch all over. It must feel so icky not being able to groom himself - what with both front legs all splinted and the cone stopping him from getting at himself.

  4. ((((hugs)))) I know what it's like when a pet gets hurt. It can be so hard on everyone. One of our dogs had a heart problem. You spend so much money on an animal because they always fill a special place in our hearts.

  5. hello dear, its me cucki..thank you so much for following my humble blog..i am so happy..
    yup..and it is very hard when our fur babies gets hurt..not a nice feeling..
    sending you all lots of love and hugs xx

  6. Oh poor Freddy! Hope he gets better soon. I would do anything for my cat too.

  7. AWWW Poor kitty. I hope he gets better!!! I am cat person myself. Since I cant have one at the time I take care of the strays running away here and Im always worried someone is going to run them over, especially the kittens we have right now.

  8. Oh Kirstin... how awful for you!!!!! I'm so glad that he came home and that he's now all fixed up. Poor Freddy. :( I hope he's healing up nicely?