Sunday, 3 April 2011

My First Ever Blog Post

You know what?

I've never understood the desire some people have to document for the world,  the goings on of their day to day life.

I've never kept a diary, except for one year in High School - I found said dairy not so long ago. I read a couple of pages and nearly died of embarrassment!  A few minutes later, I lit the fire and had a ceremonial burning.  I just pray that Mum never gave in to the temptation of reading that diary.  There was nothing incriminating within its' pages - My teenage years were very well behaved actually - it was just so full of horrendous teenage angst that I embarrassed myself reading it!

So I guess the question becomes: Why decide to start blogging now?

I still have no desire to document my day to day doings for strangers to read.  I'm a mum, a wife, a music teacher, a lousy housekeeper and an avid reader.  These things will be of next to no interest to most of you.  The real reason I've started this blog is to keep track of my addiction hobby; Cross Stitch.

My chill out and relax time, such as it is, is spent cross stitching. My spare pennies, when I have them, go on new charts, specialty threads or embellishments and my latest discovery: Hand dyed fabric.

I have enough in my stash to last a lifetime, yet still I find myself adding to wishlists here and filling on-line shopping carts there... (I feel this is the best time for a plug for my favourite on-line store 1-2-3-Stitch They are awesome!)

So, I'm going to keep track of my stitching - and my stash - here.

If you've decided I'm worthy of "following" I thank you.  I'll try not to bore you to death.  If I lead you further down the path of your own addiction, I'm sorry but please don't sue me - I'm more than happy to enable another addict in the art of cross stitch.  In fact, I'd love you to "show me yours" too!

Well, there we have it.  My first blog post.  Not too bad I guess... I'll be back in a bit.



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