Friday, 15 April 2011

Naughty Me!

The Lilybug and I went to my (not-so-local) LNS today, on a whim. Everything there is ridiculously expensive, you'll find this to be my pet whinge about cross stitching supplies in Oz and NZ.  The Crewel Gobelin is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, store but as a general rule I won't even consider buying anything.

Today, I wanted to look at linen colours IRL. Every computer monitor gives a different impression of the colour and I didn't want to buy something on-line and then find out it was not at all what I wanted.

Well, I found the linen colour I want. Happy me. DH will probably get it from 123 for me for Mother's Day. I made the "mistake" of looking in the off-cuts bin for fabric. Came away with two stunning pieces of Blue Whisper Belfast linen, they have a gorgeous subtle mottled dye to it, one piece more so than the other, both 18" x 27" (Woo Hoo - Mira, L&L and PR designs standard size) and a piece of 25ct lugana that will fit "Train of Dreams" perfectly. Not that I'm planning on starting Train in the near future. Haven't even bought the chart yet, but Jaba has requested Train and I haven't stitched anything for him since he was a baby.

Anyways... as I was paying for the fabric I happened to notice the Gloriana Silks were half price... still pricey for me but so beautiful to look at. Shop Lady points out the bowl on the counter at this point "Have you seen these?" Well, no, I hadn't, but now we're in trouble! A bowl full of silks... beautiful Caron silks... for only $2 each. They'd normally be selling for at least four times that here and double in the US. There were also some Gloriana silks and some of Crescent Colours used in Nora Corbett's alphabet fairies for only $1. ONE dollar???!!! NO WAY was I leaving them behind. So I took the lot...


I only went to see what colour "Bo-peep" is IRL...



I did exercise SOME self restraint - the other half of the bowls' contents: gloriana silk ribbons. SO pretty. I left them behind.
So tonight, I'm on a silken thread high... Now what can I do with them...


  1. sounds like you got some bargains.

  2. Sure was a bargain. Shouldn't have done it. Really shouldn't. But it's kinda satisfying knowing those pretty silks are in my tin "over there in the corner".

    I can sleep happy :)