Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Start.


I'm not supposed to be starting anything new until the UFO's and WiPs are done but this one is an exception . . .

It's for my Mum. That's a good enough excuse.

I'm in Australia.  My family are in Christchurch.  Yes.  Christchurch.  The city that's experienced something like 6000 earthquakes since September last year and now has swallowed up the entire world's supply of chemical toilets and "port-a-loos."  (BTW - that's completely true, no joke.)

My parents are coming to visit me in 7 weeks time.  Right in time for my Mum's birthday.  So as most years I am complete rubbish at getting her anything, this year I decided something special is definitely in order.

I've just started the June, Pearl and Roses Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree.

PhotobucketMy progress thus far, looks something like this:

The process of getting started gave me a little bit of a headache.  When I ordered my supplies from 123, they were all out of Platinum Cashel.  So, I got a little adventurous (for me) and ordered a piece of Vintage Bittersweet Cashel by Lakeside Linens.  It duly arrived and is beautiful.  A stunning piece of fabric.

I got all my bits out.  Chucked them all down for a floss toss and thought - blah.  It just looked blah.  Very upset.  I just wanted to get started.  So, boring as it may seem, I finally ended up using a  piece of antique white Belfast from my stash.  I've changed out the 822 pearle and floss for ecru and suddenly it's not blah any more :)

The design has plenty of beads for bling and a yummy Threadworx variegated "shortcake" that I'm looking forward to using.  So I'll save my Vintage Bittersweet for something else equally special.  Don't know what.  Something will come up - doesn't it always?




PS: I'm sorry my photos are not great.  Camera's not happy and phone doesn't take the best shots... need to get it sorted asap.


  1. looking great, cant wait to see how it looks when finished.

  2. Thanks Kerstie - hopefully it'll be finished soon!

  3. Great blog K! catch you on the forum! - Rose