Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent and a Bethlehemian Rhapsody

My Best Friend was a cross stitcher in her dim and distant past - she hasn't touched her stash in years and years.  A couple of years ago she hauled out her finished pieces to show me and we discovered her advent calendar.

She is now a web designer and the discovery of said advent calender got all her geeky creative juices flowing... so, this year sees the third annual roll out of the Web Princess' Advent Calender, complete with clickables in the banner (check the angel on the mantel, the book, the mousehole, the stockings...) and animated characters for each day.  My apologies, I don't know the designer - If anyone is able to enlighten me, I'll add in designer details.

And seeing as we are now firmly headed down the path to Christmas; A friend of mine posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago.  I love Queen.  I think these guys have done a fabulous job.  Whoever is doing the vocals did Freddy and the boys proud.

Hmmm... Only a couple of days left of school for the kids now - they finish on Thursday.  I finish up the bulk of my teaching load on Thursday too.  Then it's onto the holidays - bring on Summer and loads of time to stitch!



  1. your friend's advent calendar is so nice and cute!

  2. yup..your friend advent calender is so cute..xx

  3. Lots of time to stitch = awesomeness!!!!! :D

  4. I love the advent calendar, reminds me of the those little ones you get as a kid with the chocolate behind every door. Bethlehemian Rhapsody is so cute.