Sunday, 18 December 2011

IHSW Saturday.

Just a quick update before I head off to bed...

I worked most of the day today but managed to get in several hours anyway.

Achieved a little Happy Dance - a little late but better than never.  I was supposed to post my Christmas Exchange Ornament yesterday but I didn't actually finish it until tonight.  I kept getting to a point where I think "done!", then I'd look at it and think "Oh, but this would look really cool right there!" and so I wasn't finished at all.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I'm very happy with the stitching, I'm just not so sure about my ornament finishing skills.

Sorry, no piccie tonight - I can't post until my person receives it.

The rest of my evening consisted not so much of stitching but of planning and then having a couple of those "Eureka!" moments, where everything just falls into place!

  • I mapped out what I want for my JE Believe/Dream/Hope/Imagine set and then basted said mapping onto my chosen fabric.
  • I played around with my fabric stash and decided I'm going to stitch the Mira Christmas Elf on a piece of white opalescent lugana I have.  Debated over it for a bit but by the time I'd measured and counted and floss tossed and imagined, there's just no other option in my mind.
  • I changed out the  dove grey 16ct aida in my Woodland Enchantress kit for a piece of 32ct stoney point linen that I'm not so fond of.  I bought it for Titania but I don't want to stitch her on it, now that I have it.  I figure the WE is wall to wall, so I won't be seeing any of the fabric when she's all finished.  I would just use the aida but I think the piece is a little skimpy and I like to have plenty of margin for framing.

I'll post a pic of my layout for JE tomorrow - need to charge the phone so I can take photos.  I'm planning on getting some stitches in on the NC "L" for Lily... how many IHSW's have I voiced that intention?  This will be the first time I actually get around to doing some! . . . unless the lure of L*K is too much and I end up putting in some more little exes into the ABC.  LOL.

I hope you are all having a lovely hermitting weekend.  I look forward to stalking the blogosphere for updates tomorrow!


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  1. hello dear, me hermitting too,,it is going slowly but going on :)
    sending you hugs..
    happy hermitting
    cucki xx