Thursday, 5 January 2012

Attack of the Frogs!

OMG!!! There were swarms of the croaky pests last night!

I spent several hours on my Day Four start.  Was congratulating myself on making such great headway in one day when the chorus started: Rip-it.  Rip-it.  Rip-it.

I'd once again failed to double check the chart against what I'd already stitched and I ended up leaving  double coloumn of empty space where empty space shouldn't ought to be.

*insert rude words here*

Lucky for me, I realised sooner rather than later.  I lost about an hours work I think so it could have been worse. If it had been a mistake at the beginning of the day I think I would have chucked it and started over.

Well, without further ado, 'cause I want to get onto my Day Five start, here are my Day Three and Day Four starts:

Day Three
CJC Day 3
Ink Circles "Here Comes Treble"
32 ct antique white lugana
Crescent Colours floss

Day One, Two and Three
CJC Days 1 2 & 3
First Bass
Alto Gether Now
Here Comes Treble

Day Four
Mirabilia/Nora Corbett
Christmas Elf Fairy
32ct opalescent white lugana
Crescent Colours floss

I hope those of you partcipating in the CJC are having as much fun as I am!

Happy Stitching.




  1. ohhh wow those frogs must have escaped from my pad today and come to yours ... had the very same problem on my stitching today too .... love your starts :) and great progress you have made on all of them :)love mouse xxxx

  2. Don't you hate those frogs??? But your musical pieces are looking gorgeous. So does your Nora Corbett. Love the colors on all of them. So vibrant.

  3. I really love the opalescent white lugana you are stitching the Christmas fairy on! So pretty! ^_^

  4. on ho..i hate frogs..i love your stitching so much..both of them growing so lovely..
    happy stitching xx

  5. Sorry to hear about the frogs! I love your starts, though! Nice choies.

  6. So sorry about the frogs, but all of your starts look great!! I love the 3 Ink Circles designs together. Brilliant!

  7. Looking lovely Kirstin. Grats on all the progress. Sorry to hear about the attack of the frogs, but I have to admit your description of them gave me a good giggle. Thanks for that.

  8. I love those music clefs. I really should find some threads to start mine!