Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nutty Nine and the WiPocalypse Begins!

I started my first ever Shepherd's Bush sampler today.

I'm in love.

I fell in love with the SB designs mid last year.  I was extremely lucky to pick up several kits, ummm... five...yes, five... at an utterly ridiculous price at my (not so local) LNS - you know, the one with The Basket that has trapped me more than once this past year... They were discounted down to $10. Uh-huh, yes, I said $10, each, for the chart, fabric, silk and embellishments. Actually, one of them may have been $30 but it's original price was $55.  One just cannot leave that sort of thing in The Basket now, can one?

So today I decided to start "Holly and Ivy."

It is the loveliest piece to work on.  The fabric is soft, the silks even softer! They are a mixture of Gloriana, Belle Soie, Thread Gatherer and another that escapes me right now.  The chart is so much fun - one over two on 30ct linen for the crosses.  I also got to do some Rhodes stitches for the holly berries.

The frogs came to visit yet again but I think they're getting the message (finally) that they are not welcome here.

Day Nine

Day Nine
Shepherd's Bush "Holly and Ivy"
30ct Parchment Linen, Mixed Silks.

Ok, so now I'm checking in for the WiPocalypse:

Before I got stuck into the 15, I managed to stitch bit on my Lizzie Kate ABC.  I really love this piece and I'm hoping to have it finished by the middle of the year.  It stitches up fast and is one I'm able to take to work.  It's surprising how much I can get done in the odd three minute window three or four  times a day.

January WiPocalypse
Lizzie Kate 
Progress from the Tent

Lizzie*Kate "ABC for Parents"
28ct linen.  Crescent Colours floss.

I'll head over to Measi's Blog now to post my check in - if you haven't signed up for the WiPocalypse yet or somehow you've completely missed what WiPocalypse is all about, then I strongly suggest you hit that link I just added and scoot over there yourself!

Even if it's just to drool over all the WiP's people are checking in!


Happy Stitching!




  1. Looking great on both pieces, Kirstin. Good job!

  2. Beautiful, Kirstin. Love the ABC for Parents fabric and the colors, too.

  3. well done. I love your Lizzie Kate ^^

  4. The Holly & Ivy piece is lovely so far, and aren't Lizzie Kates always a fun stitch? So bright and cheerful!

  5. both of them are looking so sweet..well done xx

  6. Two great pieces - as a L*K lover, I really like the ABC's of Parenting!

  7. ohhhhh well done on your bargains .... I wouldn't have left them behind either heheheh and I just love the new start :) and your progress too ....love mouse xxxx

  8. Kirstin - I just picked up my first Shephards Bush in October - Merry & Bright! I can't wait to start it. I didn't add it to my 2012 WIP/Start list, but it might get started anyway! :)

    Love your L*K chart! I have the Dog one and need to get it kitted!!

    Thanks for visiting my Blog! Looking forward to seeing more updates! :)

  9. OH lovely progress. I love how The Basket warrants italics and bolding ;)

  10. great progress. Lovely new start :D

  11. What basket? Inquiring mind (of a stash addict) wants to know!!
    Beautiful stitching. Love your new start

  12. Your Shepherd's Bush is amazing, someday I want to do a chart with specialty stitches too. You are a bad influence. (That's why we're friends)

  13. Lovely projects :D COngratulations ;)