Thursday, 26 January 2012

You Enabler You! (and a Happy Dance)

Thank you so much for all the replies encouraging me to have a go at a Chatelaine.

I will be saving up my pennies to get the chart and supplies for Evening in the Park.

Now for opinions on fabric - 28ct or 32?  I prefer 32ct but have no experience with Delica beads or Swarovski crystals - how closely embellished does Martina design these? 

Ooo, now, just 'cause I feel the need to justify to myself that it's ok to add another new start to this year's list, I finished "Alto Gether Now" last night!

Alto Gether Now

Ink Circles "Alto Gether Now"
32ct antique white lugana.
Crescent Colours overdyed threads.

First Bass and Alto Gether Now
Here Comes Treble is on the same piece of fabric, off to the right...
I wasn't happy with the ends of the stave lines.  The chart has them
all uneven lengths.  I re-did the lines on First bass and changed them
on Alto, so they are all even and square off the designs.  Much
happier with the look now.  It didn't look finished to me before.  Now it does.
 I also made a little more progress on Here Comes Treble, so I'm anticipating another finish before the end of the month. 

Uh-huh, uh-huh, see, I can do enough to be allowed a Chat!


Happy Stitching



  1. I LOVE these (and have not seen them done yet)! The lavender is so lovely, the patterns really do not do them justice. Congrats!

  2. Great going on Alto, Kirsten.

    Regarding the Chat, I stitch on 32ct. The delicas are smaller than mill hills and fit nicely into the 'squares' IMO. One some of the heavily beaded designs, Martina does recommend 28 for an easier beading time. This is especially true if you're thinking of using a hand dye since the fabbie shrinks from the dyeing process.

  3. Congrats on the finish.
    As above, I use 32ct undyed linen for Chat. If you choose a dyed piece I would suggest using 28ct.

  4. woooo hoooo doing a wee happy dance for you and love your justification ;) and delicas are smaller beads sooo sit well on a 32 count so you should be ok on that score boom boom!! ... sorry been a short night and early start here love mouse xxxxx

  5. congratulations on the finish dear..
    warm hugs for you xxx

  6. Congratulation for your happy dance. Can't wait for you to start your first Chatelaine, so you'll be enabling me to stitch one too!

  7. Both of these look great! I have never looked at a Chatelaine so, since us stitchers are such good enablers, I'm gonna go look and see what they are all about!

  8. gorgeous finish. It is stunning.

  9. I just started my first chat and am supportive of your impending addiction. I think Heli (from Heli's Stitchery) is also going to be doing Evening in the Park as soon as her kit arrives. As for fabric count, I personally would do whatever is recommended, and I think those are usually 32 count.