Monday, 23 January 2012

IHSW Sunday

and the end of SWAT too.

It was really hard to get the mojo revving yesterday.  I'm feeling the fatigue.  I've stitched every single day since Christmas Day - including Christmas Day - and I was stitching almost daily in the run up to Christmas.

The thought of achieving another Happy Dance before the end of the month is spurring me on, however, so I summed up my stitchy courage and got cracking on "Alto Gether Now."

This was my CJC day two start and it really does stitch up quickly. 

I love the Crescent Colours floss and I'm pretty happy with the 32ct lugana.  I did spend a little time wondering if perhaps I should have gone with linen after all but I like the heavier look of the lugana with the pieces.  If the clefs were delicate and lacy then linen would have been the right choice.  These remind me of  old Illuminated letters.  I think the lugana echoes the heavy parchment pages of those old books and scrolls...

I'm over half way with Alto... if I can get the mojo bubbling again, I might get close to finished.  I have a rehearsal tonight, so definitely not as much time today but enough to get close...

Alto Gether Now
Jan SWAT Day 9
Ink Circles "Alto Gether Now"
32 ct antique white lugana
Crescent Colours Cotton

I hope you have all had a thoroughly successful IHSW.  I'll head off and start stalking blogs from the list soon!

Have a fabulous stitchy day!




  1. This is really pretty. I know nothing about reading music...thought it was a B!


  2. LOL, thank you Bobbi. I'm sure you're not alone in thinking that :)

  3. Kirstin, I really like these and you're doing a wonderful job on them. I'm cheering you on!! :)

  4. it is truly a very lovely stitching project..keep it up..
    hugs xx

  5. Looking good, Kirstin. You'll have another happy dance soon. Great job!!

  6. Great job! And I look forward to seeing your finish :)

  7. ooo well done ... cheering you on definitely :) love mouse xxxxx

  8. Looks good. I am now following your blog too. I have a Book of Ink Circles in my 15 challenge. :) I will be watching your progress as well. Maybe we'll be able to encourage each other. :)

  9. Hi I'm a new reader of your blog.

    Your stitching is lovely.

    Glad you had a good IHSW.

  10. Kirsten, that is such a huge accomplishment, stitch for almost 30 days straight!! Alto looks fab. Love the greens. :D

  11. gorgeous stitching. I do love those designs.